TastyMeat! Truck…The Vegetarian Edition


The TastyMeat truck

You know, there are about a billion places I could go with a truck called TastyMeat!. Their slogan is “LA’s Best Meat For Your Mouth,” for cryin’ out loud. And although the description does sound truly delightful, the good folks at TastyMeat! tell us that the Bamwich is their version of a Turkish sandwich called a…doner:

Döner kebab (Turkish: döner kebap or döner kebabı, literally “rotating roast”, often abbreviated as döner, also spelled ‘donair’, ‘donar’, ‘doner’, or sometimes ‘donner’), is a Turkish dish made of lamb meat cooked on a vertical spit and sliced off to order. Two derived dishes are called shawarma in Arabic and gyros in Greek, although ingredients and sauces differ. In English, the term kebab in some countries refers specifically to döner kebab. – wikipedia

But, you see, I like a good challenge so I’m going to back away – slowly – from the rich buffet of depravity that sits before me and simply focus on the food. Besides, I don’t think I can top the filth and whorishness of my Louks truck piece. No matter how much meat someone gives me.

So today, Dr. Freud, a gyro is just a gyro. Except, actually, it’s a falafel.

A tasty falafel, in fact.

I ordered the small size, which was constructed of three balls of fried falafel goodness, sliced red onion, tiny cubes of tomato and a small heap of shredded lettuce, all slathered with tzatziki sauce. Your standard falafel, really…only different. For one thing, the texture of the falafel was coarser than I’m used to: A little different, a little dry, but good. And was that tzatziki sauce I said? Hmmm. That tzatziki’s sneaky; there’s more than just yogurt and cucumber in there…

Meatless TastyMeat truck Falafel

A quick peek at the TastyMeat! site uncovered this description of their aforementioned Bamwich: “fresh local flatbread…topped with romaine lettuce, roma tomato, red onion and our three scratchmade special sauces – tzatziki, red feta and tahini.” Ah-HA! I thought I’d tasted feta. So clearly the same sauce that goes on the Bamwich also goes on the falafel. And it is delicious.

My eyes (which indeed might be bigger than my stomach – have you seen me?) somehow managed to convince my brain to order the feta fries on the side. And, boy, were my taste buds excited, even though I hadn’t properly done the research to figure out what, exactly, a feta fry is.


Tasty feta fries

Turns out that feta fries are the same as the red-blooded, all-American cheese fries we know from ball games and post-drinking binges in college. Only feta fries are awash in, well, feta – insteada chedda. (I know that was bad and I’m sorry).

The combination was an indulgent interfusion (thanks, thesaurus.com!) of savory, creamy, slightly tart cheese sauce blended with rich tahini earthiness, covering the typical fast food-type French fry (thin-cut, beige-gold, slightly greasy sticks of fried potato). I could’ve actually done without the fries (although most potato products live at the top of my personal food chain), but would’ve gladly eaten a jar of that sauce with a spoon or a straw. It was really, really good.

And speaking of “good,” I’d like to make special mention of the kindness of the TastyMeat! folks. Smiling and sweet and incredibly friendly, playing with one of the cutest babies any foodie (or food truck) has ever seen. I will go back to try the Bamwich, but I will also go back because I like supporting good people who make good food. And maybe I can get a recipe for that sauce…

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