Outside LA: Top Dog Coffee Bar

Morro Bay's first food truck! Topdog Coffee delivery

The fairy of Good Fortune smiled upon me recently, and – lo and behold – I found myself visiting beautiful Paso Robles. I was wined. I was dined. I was taken on a guided tour of the quiet little village of Morro Bay. I was happy.

On the Morro Bay day, as I stepped off the bus and into the chill of a foggy morning, I met a friendly dude with a happy yellow bicycle trailer full of treats. Coffee, pastries. Thank you, Good Fortune Fairy!

The friendly dude is the delivery man for Morro Bay’s Top Dog Coffee Bar, Patrick Bietz and Suzanne Maury’s roaster and brick-and-mortar coffee shop at 857 Main Street. For almost four years, they’ve been brewing and baking and – as a service to small, local businesses – delivering, too. Everything they serve in the store – from scones to breakfast burritos – gets loaded onto the bike and delivered from 9am ’til noon.

I didn’t get a chance to try their famous cranberry-orange scones, but I did giddily indulge in a large drip coffee. More mellow than the high-octane stuff we’ve been acclimated to from the popular coffee chains, this coffee is nutty, rich and less acidic, too. Even better, it’s all roasted in-house, every other day.

A great cup of coffee, from a business that knows its neighbors and supports its own. Friendly people and freshly baked goodies. Sustainable delivery, keeping local businesses caffeinated. Also, the perfect thing on a chilly morning; something to sip while contemplating a day of adventure on the beautiful central California coast.

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2 responses to “Outside LA: Top Dog Coffee Bar

  1. I can’t think of many things better than a good cup of coffee and a scone off a bicycle cart near the crashing waves at Morro Bay. Savor that moment.

  2. Wish we had a cart like that here in Palm Springs! Sounds delicious, and Paso looked like it was so inviting and enjoyable..

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