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We Like to Move It: Blogger Prom 2010



Steppin' out


While I – unsurprisingly – tend to focus on food trucks here at Food Truck Times, there are actually all kinds of things to eat in LA. In fact, after years of derision, this city is actually beginning to make a name for itself on the food front.

Los Angeles is a big place, and so many edible wonders hitting such a large city in such a brief amount of time can seem a bit overwhelming if one is left to discover the deliciousness on her own. Luckily, we never have to consider that scenario; this place is positively brimming with very capable food guides. They’re bloggers who giddily snack, slurp, suck and sip all over town and then report back on their findings.

Yes, I proudly consider myself one of many. And on Wednesday, September 22, I was honored to join them for their second annual celebration – Blogger Prom!

Yamashiro, the classic Hollywood cocktail spot, was re-purposed as a 1940’s nightclub. Men and women pulled out their vintage threads – and all the stops – to make it a night for the ages. And, as luck would have it, I found myself totally in my element! And not even because of the people – most of the event’s treats were at least partially mobile!

To start, Yamashiro began hosting a Thursday night farmer’s market in March. Fresh produce trucked in and out to satisfy LA’s appetite for local. And if marketers want something a little more meaty? For that, Yamashiro offers tacos! The same tacos Chef Brock Kleweno cooks up on farmer’s market nights are the tacos he served at Prom (with the addition of an event-only, Kleweno Farm’s Smoked Sausage with Maple-Black Pepper Aioli special).




Dessert was provided by none other than the Coolhaus truck and attendees took home coupons for cupcakes from the Sprinkles truck and the Manila Machine.

A 40’s ball without booze would be unthinkable! So The Beer Chicks had Eagle Rock Brewery‘s best on tap. There were wines from Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market and additional libations courtesy of Cabana Cachaça, Zaya Rum and Casa Noble Tequila. But what made it home in every blogger’s gift bag were samples of The Dalmore and – from the event sponsor – small bottles of Pinky Vodka.


Think Pink!


No prom night is complete without some sort of afterparty (if you know what I’m sayin’…). Blogger Prom 2010 indulged their particular cravings at a place called Test Kitchen. Coincidentally, this brand-spankin’-new restaurant showcases a revolving door of chefs and mixologists for gastro-ific one night stands. After their featured night, it’s time to return to their home restaurant/bar or move onto the next great adventure.


Off we go, into the wild, blue yonder! There is always something new to try, to taste, to see, to do. There’s always another food truck to chase. What escapes me, my fellow LA bloggers are sure to catch. And I hope to meet up with them again next year, for Blogger Prom 2011.




photo courtesy http://www.uncouthgourmands.com (From L to R: Me, Minty Shawna from TheMinty, Manila Machines’s own LetMeEatCake, Josie from UncouthGourmands, SauceLA's Shawna Dawson, and Elliott from FforFood)