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The Komodo Truck – Dangerously Good, Indeed


Komodo truck

May I get something off my chest, please? They’re called Kom-odo dragons. Not Kim-ono dragons, as I have overheard more than one person misspeak. The former is the genus Varanus komodoensis and hails from Indonesia. It’s the largest living species of lizard (can grow up to almost 10 feet in length/150 lbs), it possesses a “long, yellow, deeply forked tongue,” and secretes venom. The latter is a beautiful, stylized, traditional Japanese gown, typically made from silk; as such, the Komodo and the Kimono both do happen to share the commonality of spending their earliest days living among Asian treetops. Basically that’s where the similarities end.


Komodo dragon

Japanese Kimono

The Komodo truck is an LA-based food truck described as:

Not your average taco truck…

The Komodo Truck brings you street food with a gourmet twist. Mixing 100% fresh high quality ingredients and unique flavors, Komodo was created by a world class chef and designed to bring high style, high quality restaurant meals without compromising value and taste.

Nothing, whatsoever to do with Kimono. But their French-Asian cooking is, as their tagline promises, “dangerously good food.”


Komodo truck menu

I ordered the Blazin’ Shrimp Burrito (“Spicy, Indonesian-style shrimp topped with sour cream salad”), and my friend, John, got the Asian Marinated Chicken Burrito (“Orange marinated chicken with stir-fried rice”).

Man, they’re not kidding.

My Blazin’ Shrimp set my mouth on fire (in a good way). There must’ve been about a billion perfectly cooked shrimp tucked inside a large flour tortilla, coated with just the right amount of scorching hot sauce (roasted chilis maybe, and black pepper?). Cuddled in with the crustaceans was lettuce, julienne-sliced red bell pepper, and a light dousing of “sour cream salad” (I don’t really know what that means, either). It was so huge I couldn’t finish it all (although I tried – I really did).


Blazin Shrimp burrito

John’s chicken burrito was a delicious, tangy mix of chicken and brown rice and orange pieces, topped with what tasted like an orange teriyaki-ish sauce. It was probably my favorite of the two, despite the fact that I’m not completely in love with teriyaki.

Komodo chicken burrito

On the side, we tried the Guacamole Rolls (“Wonton wrapped guacamole sprinkled with Old Bay” [ed. note, Old Bay the seasoning, not the old timey cologne…in case you were wondering]). Two thumbs down for the Guacamole Rolls. The wonton wrapper seasoning was good, but it felt like too much thick and chewy wrapper for such a delicate dollop of guac at the center. And it was hot guac. Hot guacamole just doesn’t scoop my avocado, so to speak.

Komodo guac rolls

The Komodo truck has been one of my favorite LA food trucks since before this blog was born. They do a good job. Just be sure to come hungry for food. Their burritos are big enough to feed a hungry dragon (probably a hungry, costumed lady, too. Maybe I’ll try that next time).