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About us

Time to share some of our secrets

Taste from the good old days

We bring you exquisite taste from the good old days, so everyone can remember their childhood by taking a bite in our menu.

On the other hand, we also offer new and modern food recipes, adapted to everyone's preferences and desires.

Create your taste!

If you have a specific request regarding a particular dish or a particular meal you would like to try from us, you can set a premade request and come to our restaurant later.

  • Select from the list of ingredients & make your own
  • Select from premade custom taste
  • Book a date to try your dish.

Our Special Dreamy Specials

Strawberry Shortcake
Chocolate Pudding
Crepe Cake
Acai Bowl

Our Services


You can book our restaurant, or order our catering services for your birthday or a surprise for a loved one.


Come by our restaurant on our special cocktail days, when we serve multiple cocktails on our open bar theme.


We offer various desserts for you to indulge in, made with love from our chefs.


We offer different beverages for every person to enjoy with your meal or on its own.

Our Kitchen

These are the guys who make the taste.

Harold Cresco

Harold is our salad specialist. He has created several recipes of his own, and the clients love him.

Clyde Baskin

Our pasta maker is incredible; he creates hundreds of different pasta shapes and sizes every week.

Jim Keane

Jim is our head chef. He controls and is in charge of everything that goes around in the kitchen.


This is the latest review from a recent food critic that visited our resaturant.

Critic Review

Foodtrucktimes is a combination of modern and authentic, of salty and sweet, of class and fun. The Chefs at this restaurant are specialized in different kitchen areas, making them efficient and effective when it comes to cooking and creating new recipes. The place is spotless, the music is at the perfect level, and the waiters are very polite. The food arrives on time, hot, and ready to be enjoyed.

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